I have an academic and career background in architecture, engineering and construction. I am now a specialist professional photographer with international experience. Originally from Manchester, after 10 years in the Middle East I am based in Warsaw and London.

My speciality is Architectural, Interior and Construction photography along with having the pleasure of photographing some of the interesting people I meet and work with along the way!

Undoubtedly the world has changed for many over the course of the last year with both Brexit and Coronavirus. In the present environment I am adopting a flexible but cautious  approach. Based in Poland and double vaccinated, I am attempting to cover Europe where current travel restrictions and Clients COVID operating policies allow.



I always adopt an open collaborative approach, listen attentively and research projects in depth in an aim to understand important design considerations and architectural highlights.

Through a firm focus on composition, attention to detail, awareness of light, technical expertise and artistic crafting my intention is to create distinctive architectural images.

Modern, simple, strong, clear and emotive images aimed to record and communicate the design, atmosphere and form of buildings, spaces and places. Images that document  and represent the often challenging concepts as they are physically realised.

Buildings, Spaces, Places  ..... and People!


e:     alan@alansayersphotography.com

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t:      Warsaw 00 48 535 679 759

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We are flattered and thrilled by the fact that people appreciate our work. High quality limited edition prints are available upon request.